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The Volunteering Program

Olympiacos BC announces the beginning of the Volunteering Program that will function on a pilot basis for the 2009-10 season.

Olympiacos BC, through its volunteering program, wishes to offer the opportunity, to all of our team’s friends to come even closer to the Olympiacos family, offering services on a volunteer basis in various areas inside and outside the gym, and be a part of the team’s effort to reach the top experiencing unique moments at the same time!

The Volunteering Program of Olympiacos BC aims to basically satisfy the hundreds of thousands of the Olympiacos Basketball team fans, in and out of Greece, that have expressed their wish to be close to the team, offer volunteer service in the team’s activities and become active members of the great Olympiacos family, also offering social service in various sections of the Social Awareness Program of OLYMPIACOS BC.

This unique experience is available of anyone interested and who is 18 years old and above after completing the application form and successfully pass the personal interview procedure.

All requested information on the program together with the Volunteer Application Form of Olympiacos, will be on our team’s web page ( from the morning of Monday, September 7, 2009.