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Thomas Walkup: My other self!

He’s from Texas, but loves reggae music. He believes in aliens but not in ghosts, despite his greatest fear being that when climbing stairs in the dark some strange entity is going to grab him by the foot! The American guard for the ‘reds’, Thomas...

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Sasha Vezenkov: The other me!

What’s Sasha Vezenkov's connection to the stars, the poet - philosopher Horace and football? Read the answers the 'reds' forward gave to WeAreOlympiacos and you will understand! As you will realize that the day he experienced the weirdest encounter...

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The other Nikola Milutinov

He sees the world from 2.13m high, but he's really frightened of heights! He loves 'bouzoukia' (i.e. Greek popular music entertainment) and despite being a Serb, the song he would be looping for the rest of his life would be "Maria in yellow" (i.e....

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