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«We put our soul on the floor»

Kostas Sloukas spoke to about the great victory of Olympiacos in Siena.

Kostas Sloukas spoke to about the great victory of Olympiacos in Siena.

The Greek play-maker of the European and Greek Champions stressed that he and his team mates bore their souls against the Italian team while he also admitted that nothing is decide yet.

A tough game from every aspect. Both because Giorgos (i.e. Printezis) was injured, but also since it had been a very important game for you. You did it…

“It’s a huge victory. Of course nothing is decided yet. Due to the rest of the results everything is still open on whether we are going to be second, third or whether we actually qualify. As we have said before, the important thing is to make the play-offs. This has been a very important victory and we move forward”.

You were coming from a heavy defeat while during your last practice session in Greece Printezis got injure. How do you find the way to react?

“For sure Printezis absence was huge, it showed both in our inside game and at rebounding. From that point on, each one of us did something more, we put our souls on the floor to win. We only keep this and nothing else. We move forward since we still have three tough games ahead of us”.

During the last seconds of the game, did you ever think about the first game, when you had the victory in your hands and lost it in the last play of the game?

“I think that basketball is such a fast sport that succession of plays and emotions is fast and constant. We had to be more composed in the last minutes, this time we got lucky lust like Siena got lucky in our gym and we got the victory”.

So, you never thought of that image?

“No, no, it was such a fast game that it never occurred to me”.