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Acy: «My strength is defense»

Quincy Acy appeared to be determined to help Olympiacos celebrate titles, talking to a few hours before arriving to Greece.

“I was waiting for a good opportunity to come. I had been examining other options in previous days and I just wanted to take my time to be sure that my decisions would be the right one, for me as well as for my family. I wanted to choose the right club”, he said commenting on the fact that the beginning of the season did not find him with a team, despite having quite a few offers in his hands.

However, he could not say ‘no’ to the ‘reds’ offer and there were enough reasons for that… “My former coach with Maccabi, Giannis Sfairopoulos, would always talk warmly about Olympiacos. The same with Othello Hunter. Also, my former team mate, Tyler Dorsey, told me great things. I asked them a lot of questions, because, just like I said before, I wanted to make the right decision. So, I did my research and came to the conclusion that it was a very good opportunity. The players, the coaches, the administration, the city, everything counted and Olympiacos ticks all the boxes. It’s one of the top clubs in Europe”.

Talking about what it is he has to offer to the Piraeus’ team game, he said: “My strength has been and is always going to be defense! Defense! Defense! Defense!. That’s my trade mark. I play hard, I’m a winner and I play basketball the right way. I would like to think that my team mates are going to love me. I would like to think that the city and the team are going to love me. I bring to the table experience, toughness, ‘hunger’ and will to learn. My goal is to contribute to the team. I hope that everything is going to be OK and that we are going to be able to win titles!”

Quincy Acy has played against Olympiacos twice, as a player for Maccabi Tel Aviv. He won both times. “The ‘reds’ fans however made a lasting impression on him. “The fans are great and so is the atmosphere they create. I know the history of the team and I’m excited to be a part of it”.  

Asked about his personal goals, he replied: “I want to integrate the soonest possible and not take anything from the team, but rather add value and quality. My goal is what it has always been: Winning! That’s the reason I play basketball, because I want to win. I want to win championships and contribute so that the city gets … decorated with more trophies”.

Finally, he did not omit talking about the wave of ‘red’ love he has been receiving since his co-operation with Olympiacos became official. “I keep getting messages. From what I understand, my signing was announced when here it was still very early hours in the morning, because I woke up and found many messages on my phone and on my social media. I didn’t have much time so as to see all the messages, but I appreciate the love. I like seeing all these ‘red’ messages. Also, my family is excited! I can’t wait to come to Greece! I want to sincerely thank the fans for all the support and assure them that I will be playing hard and doing everything so as to help bring in titles”.