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Vezenkov: «We continue together, ‘thirsty’ for more success!»

When, following the win at the OAKA, our team’s fans were singing “Sasha stay for ever in Piraeus”, no-one, apart of course from the Presidents, could not imagine that this would soon materialize! Sasha Vezenkov agreed on an early extension of his contract with Olympiacos, all the way till the summer of 2025 and through, he attests to being ‘thirsty’ for more great achievements!

“I’m very happy to have extended my contract with the team. I would like to thank the Presidents, Panagiotis and Giorgos Angelopoulos, my coaches and the people who have been supporting me and are not in the limelight. I’m talking about the physiotherapists, the equipment managers and everyone else ‘running’ the team. I certainly want to thank my team mates, but mainly, I would like to thank my family for always being by my side. When I first joined Olympiacos, I had never imagined I would be staying here for five years and would have the opportunity to stay for much longer! It’s a fact that truly makes me happy. It’s really nice that the team shows its faith in me with actions. Together, with humility, hard work and deep  thirst for new success, we will continue fighting for our goals. There are going to be beautiful days, there are also going to be bad ones, but what matters is that we stay together, just like we have been doing in the past couple of years, so that we continue keeping the team at the highest level”.  

Asked whether he was expecting that development and all the more, that soon into his contract, he replied: “We all think, wish and dream about things… However, the fact that I called to extend that early, while my contract was expiring in the summer of 2024, is a loud admission of the faith they have in me, it proves they think of me as part of the club and at the same time, they get to reward my job and efforts. For all these reasons, I feel the need to thank them again. All of this is mutual and I’m happy we continue together”.

On whether he had the fans’ chanting in his ears when signing, urging him to stay with the team, he replied: “The fans have always been very vocal about wanting me to stay with the team. Even in inconspicuous moments and following some big achievement. To be truthful, no-one was expecting what happened. Even my close friends found out from the team’s announcement! I won’t say it came out of the blue, I will say that it was something both parties have wanted a lot to happen and it was the right timing for it. It became reality in no time following the Presidents initiative and I believe, together with the Olympiacos’ fans, we are all happy with this development. However, I want to repeat that the most important thing is that we continue working hard, so that the team remains part of the elite. There are difficult games and goals coming our way, that need to be conquered. For all of those to happen, we need to be consistent, serious and humble”.  

The 27-year old guard is already in his fifth season with the team and this is a personal record! “Apart from my first team, Aris, where I had spent a total of five years, on a professional level, it’s the first time I stay with a team for so long. Just like I said before, my cooperation with Olympiacos began as a challenge, an experience, a new beginning and ended being with my family here, my friends, my team-mates, with whom we have built tight bonds, as well as with the fans. So, I’m very happy, because everyone, the Presidents, the team, the fans, show their faith in me and I will be doing everything I can to vindicate them. Staying with a team for so long, proves that you are also devoted to it and have been doing your job well”.