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McKissic: «Olympiacos is home»

Shaquielle McKissic will be residing in Piraeus up until the summer of 2025 and he can now - according to his statements at - call Olympiacos home!

"I feel very good", the American guard/forward commented immediately after extending his contract. "Before anyone else, I would like to thank the Presidents, Panagiotis and Giorgos Angelopoulos, for their faith in me and the opportunity they are offering me. I with to thank my coach, his associates and the fans of our team! I wish to thank the whole organization of Olympiacos! It's a wonderful environment for me and my family! I also want to thank my team mates! I love playing with them! I'm looking forward to the seasons ahead!". 

Asked about his goald, not just for the current season, but also about the ones to follow, he said: "Right now, I can't be talking about goals and expectations. What matters is that we play hard in every game. Of course we want to be winning titles. We want to win the Euroleague, Championships, Cups... That's everybody's goal. However, the most important thing is that we are competitive, so that we make our fans proud".  

When Shaquielle McKissic signed with the 'red & whites' in February 2020, he didn't believe he could be staying with the team for so long. "I had dreamt about it, but I had never thought it would actually happen! You see so many players going from one Euroleague team to another. For me, being with a team that I can really call home is a true achievement. First of all for me, because I'm doing the right thing, I work hard, I believe in the team and in the coaches' philosophy and I suppose that's how you get longevity".

His tenure with Olympiacos is kind of a personal record for him, since he had never stayed with any other team for that long. Asked about what kept him in Piraeus, he replied: "The weather! I'm kidding, although it's true I love living in Greece. I honestly can't think of me playing anywhere else if I don't have to. When you talk to other players, everyone says that it's ideal to be living in Greece. Of course it has to do with the amazing Olympiacos organization. I have embraced the country's culture, I love the fans of Olympiacos and they love me. The same goes with my family. So that's the most important thing. What else could I be asking for?"