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Goss: «A phone call by the coach was enough!»

One and only phone call was enough to persuade Nigel Williams-Goss to wear the ‘red & white’ again! That was what the American guard revealed talking to the official web page of Olympiacos BC!

Since 2019, when you left Olympiacos, the team made a unique comeback. They made two Final Fours, won two back to back double crowns and won the Greek Super Cup. Was it something you had anticipated would happen?

“Yes, it was obvious that the big comeback for the team was on its way. I had a feeling something special was being built for the years to come. The owners made a big decisions then and it was obvious that they had a vision for a thunderous comeback. I’m happy they walked the path they wanted and I’m sure they will continue doing so”.

You spoke on the phone with coach Bartzokas. What did he tell you to convince you wear the ‘red & white’ again?

“I had talked with coach Bartzokas two years ago as well, before I signed with Real Madrid. The fact that a coach of his caliber got on the phone once again to talk to me, meant a lot to me. That’s why I said ‘yes’, without having to hear about anything else. That fact only was enough! When we talked, he explained that team chemistry is the number one ingredient, just like hard work and that he wanted me to become a part of that. That’s was exactly what I was also looking for, so the puzzle pieces came together”

What are your feelings and expectations following the signing of your new contract?

“I’m excited. Of course there are a lot of teams with lots of talent, just like ours, that play hard and have chemistry, but I’m happy to be part of this great group. Olympiacos is the most attractive destination in Europe right now and I hope that with hard work I can pay back for the club’s trust in me and that the results we all want will follow”.

If you had to talk to the fans and explain the difference between the 2019 Nigel and the one of 2023, what would you tell them?

“You cannot compare a Euroleague rookie in 2029 with a player that has competed for four years in the competition, that has participated two Final Fours with his team and helped won the European Champion title. Nothing is the same. Also, in 2019 I had really wanted to try for the NBA. That had always been on my mind, I feel blessed to have been able to play for the NBA. Now, all my focus is directed on my family and on how I’m going to win as many titles as possible in Europe. I have a wife, a son and my daughter will be born in a few months! These are my priorities now and this is also a difference compared to 2019. So, I can now say I’m more content and experienced both as a player and as human being”.