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Sikma: «The perfect combination!»

Luke Sikma cannot wait to step on the SEF’s floor wearing the ‘red & white’ and feel the energy of the Olympiacos’ fans!

“I’m very happy to be a part of the Olympiacos’ family. This transfer is a step up for my career, since we are talking about one of the top clubs in Europe”, he said to

“My contract with Alba was completed and the offer from Olympiacos came through. I know what kind of player I am and my playing style is a perfect fit for the team. To be precise, in anything related to the purely basketball aspect of the transfer, for me, we are the perfect match! Also, being able to live in such a beautiful city in Greece is something I could not let pass me by”.

Asked if he feels pressured by the fact that he somehow is coming to fill in the shoes of last season’s Euroleague MVP, Sasha Vezenkov, he replied: “I don’t see it that way. I’m a different player and it would be a mistake to think that I’m coming to fill in his shoes. I’m coming to play my own game and help the team fulfill its goals. For me, things are that simple!”

About what he is to be contributing for Olympiacos competition wise, he said: “Experience, competitiveness and the ability to do different things on the floor. I always try to make my teammates better. Just like I said before, my goal is to contribute in any way I can and help the team succeed in its goals”.

Finally, he did not omit sending a message to the ‘red & white’ fans: “I’m excited to be playing wearing the red & white and feeling this famous energy and support they give the team. See you soon!”.