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The King of passing (also)!

Vassilis Spanoulis has been engraved in the consciousness of the basketball community as a "killer" thanks to his executing skills, specializing at … buzzer beaters.

Kill-Bill, however, has been "killing" his opponents "softly" with his passing too! Actually, he's the absolute King of passing and from tonight (30/03) he has been officially sitting in this throne, as the player with the most assists in the history of the Euroleague!

For someone that has made his team mates happy for 1260 times, maybe it's hard to distinguish any one pass as the top one. However, it's not for the captain.  "The assist that first comes to mind, when I think about them all, is the one I gave to Printezis and he offered us the European title. You cannot be forgetting such an important assist", he stated in the recent Euroleague tribute.  

He, like many others also, cannot forget about it. However, it was only a few days ago, that the Euroleague only corrected this statistical error a few days ago and 'recognized' the pass to Giorgos Printezis in 2012 in the Istanbul final and gave Olympiacos the European title!   

Did you know...

* The individual record for Vassilis Spanoulis in a single game is the 15 assists he passed in the Olympiacos' victory against Baskonia in Spain on 27/10/16.

* In his first Euroleague game (wearing the Panathinaikos' jersey) on 21/10/2005 he had passed 7 assists against Ulker!

* In his first European game with the 'reds' shirt on 18/10/2010, against Real Madrid, he had a toteal of 7 assists. Radoslav Nesterovic had received the first one!  

* The player who has received the most assists by V-Span per season and as a total is Giorgos Printezis.

* Nikola Milutinov has received the most assists by the captain this season.