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Olympiacos' Legend, the best player of the European basketball during the last 10 years and one of the best players of all time, Olympiacos' captain, the huge Vassilis Spanoulis was announced today to be included in the Euroleague All-Decade Team as its last member!

The announcement was made on the same day that 7 years ago he had led Olympiacos to winning the Back2Back Euroleague titles.

The king of European basketball completed a ten year presence this season at Piraeus and his achievements are enormous.

Two European titles with Olympiacos, another two times at the Euroleague Final Four, four Euroleague finals, one Intercontinental Cup, three championship titles and one Greek Cup, member of the All-Euroleague first team and the All-Euroleague second team for many seasons, top scorer, top passer and top ranked player of the competition in addition to the incredible moments he has given us all these years.

Photographs and words will never be enough to describe all he has achieved and all he has offered to Olympiacos. This is only a small tribute to the best of all.


When everything started…

span1011 ypografi

In his first 'red' jersey…

span1011 parousiasi

His first Euroleague game in the 'reds' jersey: Olympiacos - Real 82-66 / Spanoulis (16p. - 7 as., 1 st - 31:11'')

span1011 1omats real


His best game (statistically speaking) of the season: Olympiacos - Bilbao 88-81 30:35'' 29p., 6 assists

span1112 biblano korufaioxronias


Spanoulis passes, Printezis scores and what follows will never be forgotten by anyone…

span1112 konstantinoupoli

Holding his first European trophy with Olympiacos

span1112 filaeiKoupa




In the 5th playoffs game against Efes Pilsen at the SEF, the captain led Olympiacos to the London Final Four with 19 points and 5 assists in 36 minutes of playing time.

span1213 efes 5osproimitelikos

Τhe second valuable trophy…


span1213 sikwnei koupa

One year after Istanbul and everyone is seventh heaven once again

span1213 sygxaritiria


On January 3, 2014 against Fenerbahce he makes his top Euroleague performance (statistically speaking) and with 39 valuation points he leads Olympiacos to the 95-82 victory. 28 points - 5 rebounds - 9 assists in 34:01 minutes of playing time.

span1314 fener top

The winning three against Panathinaikos from a distance of about 10 meters has preceded…

span1314 pao eksalospanigurismos

Olympiacos tried to the end to make his third final four in a row, but too many injuries suffered that season did not allow for this to happen. The 'reds' were eliminated to Real Madrid in the 5th playoffs game.

span1314 5osproimitelikos real


His best game in the season… Olympiacos - Laboral Kutxa 76-64, 32:19'', 27 points, 6 assists, 2 steals.

span1415 laboral

4th playoffs game … Olympiacos - Barcelona 71-68 and Olympiacos returns to the Final Four. The captain leads his team mates back on the SEF's court to be met with yet another apotheosis.

span1415 blouzaki madriti

Olympiacos advances to one more Final Four final and Spanoulis receives the warmest congrats ever.

span1415 cska aggalia oikogenia


Vassilis Spanoulis - Juan Carlos Navarro. Great opponents on the court, friends off it.

span15 16 navaro

His team mates were always by his side …

span15 16 filoi

Olympiacos' European season ended against CSKA that year. However, winning the League title followed and the title had his signature all over.

span15 16 cska


Olympiacos lost the home court advantage against Anadolu but returned to Istanbul and the fifth playoffs game could not be but won. The captain knows well … Olympiacos - Anadolu Efes 87-78 32:43'', 22 points, 6 assists, 1 steal.

span1617 efes 5o

Olympiacos returned to Istanbul for yet another Final Four, one more golden page in his history.

span1617 f4 leoforio

The 'reds' did it again. For a third time in a Final Four competition, Olympiacos plays against CSKA Moscow in the semis and wins again.

span1617 cska imitelikos


There's not one season when Vassilis Spanoulis has not wanted to see Olympiacos making it to the top.

span17 18 sima

Too many injuries did not allow for one more Final Four qualification. Zalgiris was better and won a fair qualification.

span17 18 zalgiris

In just a few minutes, the captain and the Presidents agree for his contract to be renewed.

span17 18 neo symvolaio


The spotlight is on him in every European arena… 


He makes one more great game against Gran Canaria on December 20, 2018 with 21 points, 8 assists and 31 valuation points.

span1819 gran kanaria

On March 14 2019, the captain gets seriously injured against Armani in Milan and the season ends since he gets to have surgery only days later.

span1819 milano


On January 2, 2020, during the Olympiacos - Fenerbahce game, Vassilis Spanoulis surpasses Juan Carlos Navarro and is now the top scorer, the top passer and the top ranked player in the history of the Euroleague.

span1920 vrav papal rentzias

On Jaunary 14, 2020, the Presidents of Olympiacos, Panagiotis and Giorgos Angelopoulos honor the great Vassilis Spanoulis on his new achievement.

span1920 vrav proedroi

On January 21, 2020 against Zenit St. Peterburg, Vassilis Spanoulis scores 31 points and dishes 7 assists accumulating 33 valuation points a few months before turning 38. Olympiacos does not pull through and the captain breaks…

span1920 zenit

The King of European basketball ….

span general

span general2