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The photo story of the «red» Legend (part2)

Time in invincible. Love on the other hand… not so. Giorgos Printezis had always carried a double identity: that of the player and the one of an Olympiacos’ loyal. Life presented him with the ideal scenario for the finale of his career, however, there’s never going to be a full-stop between him and the ‘reds’! He made that clear himself, when he stressed that from now on he will consistently be by our side sitting in the tribunes with the fans.

The presents you with his most significant moments during the 2021-22 season through a detailed photo story


The season begins! Olympiacos is leaving for Pravic where the main stage of the pre-season was held, with Printezis having an additional title in his luggage compared to previous seasons: The one of the Captain!


‘Pri” lifts the first Cup of the season! “I’m happy and proud to be with this team and I’ll be giving it my best for as long as it is asked of me. One more of my dreams became a reality”, he had stated. That however, had not just been the beginning of a dream, but rather the beginning of a fairytale season!


The ‘reds’ beat Monaco 94-88 in the 5th semifinal game at the SEF and ‘seal’ their ticket to the Euroleague Final Four in Belgrade. “Amazing. Magic. A very beautiful feeling. I believe we deserved it. The team will always be here, for us long the Presidents support it and renew it. The team with these fans, this atmosphere, this court. Just like Milan Tomic had said, Olympiacos will never die”.  


Olympiacos came to the fountain, but an incredible shot by Micic at the buzzer denied him the chance to drink… The 12,000 fans of the ‘reds’ not only were not disappointed, but remained in Belgrade and presented Giorgos Printezis with unprecedented apotheosis in his last European game for the 3rd place final. “I love them very much, I love you all”, were all he managed to utter with teary eyes, when Joe Arlauckas blindsided him giving him the mic during the half-time break. The game against Real is over, but no one cares about the result. ‘Pri’ gets engulfed in the hugs of the Presidents, his team mates and the Olympiacos staff, when at the same time the fans never stop rhythmically singing his name.


OIympiacos’ superiority on the floor is translated into a 3-0 sweep of Panathinaikos during the finals that ‘seal’ winning the double (i.e. Greek Championship and Greek Cup). All the team members wear t-shirts with no 15 on their backs. ‘Pri’ once again tears up. He tries to hide his awkwardness, smiles and jokes with his team mates. Upon exiting the tunnel to get to the trophy ceremony, the crowd goes delirious. Before lifting the Cup as the Captain, he gets on the mic and announces the finale. GOOSEBUMPS. He then celebrates like a child, crying and laughing at the same time. He lives each moment intensely, just like he has always done in his life…

Pulse is getting back to normal

Pri, having taken photos with almost half of the SEF (!), is getting photographed together with two of the three women in his life, his mother and his wife!

Τhe photostory of the ‘red’ Legend (part1)